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    rat sperm motility analysis: methodologic … – FTP Directory Listing

    Address correspondence to Valerie L. Slott, MD-8, ManTech. Environmental ….
    M199, mHBSS, PBS, and PBSG, respectively, through- out the rest of ….. efelue0.
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    Alteration of fertility endpoints in adult male F-344 rats by subchronic …

    phosphate-buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.4; Protocol fixative solution, Fisher
    Scientific … method of Slott and Perreault (1993). Briefly, both ends of excised
    cauda …

    33889 – PubAg

    Hepes-TALP-PVA and washed three times with PBS. Then groups of 10-30
    oocytes in 5 Il of PBS were transferred ….. Perreault SD, Barbee RR, Slott VL. ….
    In: Adolph. KW (ed.), Molecular Biology of Chromosome Function. New York: …

    The y-Glutamyl Transpeptidase Gene Is Transcribed from a … – NCBI

    (PBS). Liver cell fractions enriched in imrr cells or hemopoietic cells were
    obtained frc ….. ed;26 some weak staining is also detected at a higher
    magnification in …

    The glucocorticoid receptor regulates leukocyte adhesion to … – NCBI

    were performed in ice-cold phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) ….. Zweiman, B.,
    Slott, R. I. & Atkins, P. C. (1976) J. Allergy Clin. … Spring Harbor, NY), 2nd Ed. 32.