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    classic article – NCBI

    definition: “Enact- ments occur when an attempt to actualize a transference
    fantasy elicits a ….. defense mechanisms. In this period. “Notes on Some.
    Schizoid. Mechanisms” was read …. the introjection of the object as a whole, the
    relation to …

    Control Processes and Defense Mechanisms – NCBI

    present microanalyzed examples. Definition of Terms: Defense. Mechanisms …..
    introjects of people, spirits, or ideological groups. By altering which schemas.

    The Negro Psyche: Fact, Fiction and Fantasy – NCBI

    the mechanisms of projection and introjection and a host of … tion) and defenses
    against it were quite promi- nent. Coles …. Most Jewish families, for example,.

    The Effects of Physical Abuse on Object Relations Development: A …

    Mitchell, 1983) called this phase of life introjection, reflecting the idea that the
    infant ….. definition of object relations, nor is there an agreed upon way to
    measure … demonstrated in one's ability to utilize well-developed defense

    Psychological Effects of Classroom Noise on Early Childhood – ERIC

    stress is a complex interaction of factors (including, for example, teaching
    experience or age), rather … The perceptual defence mechanism of denial is one
    possible …. (including acting out), and repression (including isolation and

    August (pdf) – FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

    Aug 2, 2004 … ened alertness.7 Other possible examples are a sup- pressed appetite …..
    Introjection then takes place, whereby … defense mechanism, victims.

    Full Article – DergiPark

    categories of defence mechanisms utilised by these thirteen students evolved –
    Avoidance …. identification, sublimation, fantasy, compensation, introjection,
    turning against the self, turning into … The definition of “not doing well in

    Myth, Mind and the Screen – Assets – Cambridge University Press

    science fiction, horror or musicals, for example, where there is little or no … our
    defenses and sets loose our own fantasies and wishes to interact and fuse with
    the … they do this through the parallel mechanisms of projection and introjection.

    Positional identification, male stereotypes and violence – Australian …

    as males and develop compensatory mechanisms for this premature … If this is
    the case it is not surprising to find sex, male sport and the defence of male
    authority …. examples of the outcome of cognitive-affective dissociation in male
    workings in the … positive and negative) about being male which the son will
    introject. This.

    Філософія Філософія і політологія в контексті сучасної культури. –

    For example, an anthropologist … process related to the mechanism of
    psychological defense … motivations, attitudes, and so-called introjects into the.