List of Scheduled Drugs

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  • List of Scheduled Drugs

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    Controlled Substances – Alphabetical Order – DEA Diversion Control

    7519. I. N. 2C-C. Abbreviations: "NARC"= Narcotic, "CSA SCH"= CSA Schedule.
    Controlled Substances – Alphabetical Order. 02-Mar-17. Page 1 of 14 …

    List of Scheduling Actions, Controlled Substances and Regulated …

    Mar 2, 2017 … alphabetically, then by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) drug … I or
    schedule II substance, is pharmacologically substantially similar to a …

    Controlled Substances by CSA Schedule – DEA Diversion Control

    Mar 2, 2017 … N MDA, Love Drug … Controlled Substances – by CSA Schedule ….. Cocaine.
    9041. II. Y Methyl benzoylecgonine, Crack. Codeine. 9050. II.

    List I and II Regulated Chemicals – Alphabetical Order

    Mar 18, 1989 … List I and II Regulated Chemicals. – Alphabetical Order -. LIST. DEA. EFFECTIVE.
    REGULATED … EPHEDRINE – remove exemption for OTC single entity drug
    product. I. 8113. Pub. L. 103- … Remain in Schedule III. List I and II …

    Practitioner's Manual – DEA Diversion Control

    A complete list of the schedules is published annually on an updated … In
    contrast, drugs listed in Schedules II through V all have some accepted medical

    Scheduling Actions – Alphabetical Order – DEA Diversion Control

    Mar 2, 2017 … FEDERAL. *Scheduled under 21 USC 811(h). PUBLICATION ….. GAMMA
    HYDROXYBUTYRIC ACID (GHB) FDA approved drug. PL 106-172.

    List of Controlled Substances for the State of Arkansas – pdf

    Items 1 – 28 … true and correct copies of the current List of Controlled Substances adopted by …
    (a) Schedule I shall consist of the drugs and other substances, …

    Missouri Controlled Substances

    Aug 28, 2011 … MDA, Love Drug …. IV. Soma (Scheduled by DEA but not Missouri yet) … Cocaine
    . 9041. II. Methyl benzoylecgonine, Crack. Codeine. 9050 ….. List of Synthetic
    cannabinoids added to Schedule I, in HCS HB641, 96th General …

    Kentucky Controlled Substances by Schedule – CHFS

    Cocaine. 9041. II. Y. Methyl benzoylecgonine,. Crack. Codeine. 9050. II. Y …
    Schedule. Narcotic Other Names. Notes. Kentucky Controlled Substances by …

    Drugs of Abuse – Drug Enforcement Administration

    New Jersey Controlled Dangerous Substances ("C.D.S") Act

    5. 24:21-4. Schedules of controlled substances. ….. words "narcotic drug" as used
    in this act shall not include decocainized coca leaves or extracts of.

    Page 523 TITLE 21—FOOD AND DRUGS § 812 § 812. Schedules …

    1 Revised schedules are published in the Code of Federal Regu- lations, Part
    1308 of … titles II and III of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Pre- vention and
    Control Act of …. (a) Unless specifically excepted or unless list- ed in another
    schedule, …


    Jul 29, 2014 … DEA Schedules Tramadol As a Schedule IV Controlled Substance. On July 2,
    2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) published its …

    SB0428 – General Assembly

    Jan 27, 2017 … dispense drugs that contain certain controlled dangerous … DRUG. 10. (3) “

    Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 – Victorian …

    12A The Poisons List. 29 … Division 10—Drugs of dependence, Schedule 8
    poisons, Schedule 9 … Record keeping in relation to sale or supply of drugs of.

    Medicare Claims Processing Manual Chapter 17 – Drugs … – CMS

    100.8.2-Changes to the List of Drugs Supplied by Approved CAP Vendors … the
    amount paid under the physician fee schedule, or, if the drug is included in the …

    Schedule of Drugs (pdf)

    Drug Name (active ingredient). Some Common Trade Names *. Buprenorphine.
    Butrans, Suboxone. Butalbital. Fiorinal, generics. Butorphanol tartrate.

    What is cocaine? | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

    Today, cocaine is a Schedule II drug, which means that it has high potential for
    abuse but can be administered by a doctor for legitimate medical uses, such as …

    Pharmacist's Manual – State of Michigan

    This manual has been prepared by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Office
    of Diversion. Control, as a … Section II – Schedules of Controlled Substances.

    Recommended Immunization Schedule – Centers for Disease …

    Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children and Adolescents Aged 18
    Years or Younger—United States, 2017. ….. doses of a HepB-containing vaccine
    on a schedule of 0, …. with immunosuppressive drugs or radiation therapy,.